Who Am I

I received my Red Seal as a French Cuisine Chef 20 years ago and my Holistic Nutrition certification 11 years ago. I started my own business over 10 years ago, because I really didn't like waking up early to go work for somebody else. Straight up!

Before I started my own business;Honey and Vanilla, I had many awesome jobs working in the food industry. In my past life I have been a cheese monger, train attendant on the Royal Canadian Pacific luxury trains, a Personal Chef to celebrity Jenny McCarthy and her son Evan, Chef and Manager of a cafe, Chef de partie at the Montreal Badminton Squash Club in Montreal and menu planning and creating dishes for a large catering company in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

Now I live on beautiful Vancouver Island in B.C.I have become extremely passionate about growing my own food, learning about local farmer's and educating the public on where our food comes from, where to source it and how to support our local farmer's. Most of the recipes I create now are inspired by the food that is being grown around me and what is in season. 

With my Chef experience and Holistic Nutrition background, I have been able to prepare healthy, whole food meals for my clients, cater dinner parties and teach cooking classes to the general public and the students at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition by using as much organic and local produce as possible. 13 years ago my clients started out with busy families and couples, but then soon turned into a mixture of people with specific health conditions such as; woman going through chemotherapy for breast cancer, autistic children and people with celiac disease.

I also have clients that take me on vacation with them, many of my clients have specific life threatening allergies that cause them stress when travelling to foreign countries, so they take me along with them and I cook their food to alleviate any worries they would have. Other clients take me along with them because they realize it actually saves them money by having someone cook their food in house instead of going to restaurants every day. Hey, some even lose a little weight while on vacation fi you can believe that!

I am always on a quest for happy moderation with my French cuisine palate and whole foods knowledge. I live in Mexico part of the time with my husband where I study how to prepare authentic Mexican cuisine and put my own healthy twist on it. I do eat French fries and I do eat delicious French pastries but in balance with my whole foods lifestyle.
The synergistic properties of whole foods have more power to heal the mind and body than many people think. I have experienced it first hand and through my clients.