It all started when...

Tia's granola was created out of the frustration of seeing people eat granola assuming it was healthy. So many granola's are filled with a ridiculous amount of  sugar, "natural flavours" and are cooked at a high heat, which turn those beautiful fats in the nuts and seeds into rancid fat. We cook our granola at a safe, low heat to ensure nutrient density. Many granolas contain vegetable oils such as canola or sunflower oil; here at Honey and Vanilla we choose to use organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil that our cells love.

Tia's granola was created by a red seal Chef and Holistic Nutritionist. Chef Christina Acevedo has the experience and knowledge to create your comfy go-to staple whole foods that you can trust are nutrient dense, contain high quality ingredients and are always delicious. Try it, you won't go back. It's actually healthy!

Each package contains 450 grams of nutrient dense deliciousness. That is 10 servings of 45 grams per serving for $14.00. That is a $1.40 per serving, OH SNAP!

Ingredients: Gluten free organic oats, canadian hemp seeds, pure maple syrup, organic true cinnamon, local organic sunflower seeds, local organic pumpkin seeds, organic unsweetened coconut, almonds, dried cranberries, organic vanilla extract, organic unrefined coconut oil and sea salt.

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** At the moment we are able to service from  Lantzville to Duncan on Vancouver Island.

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