Gluten Free Rhubarb and Elderflower Crumble


It’s spring time in Canada and that means Rhubarb!!!

Wether you use berries that you froze from last summer or fresh ones that are just starting to come out they complement the tartness of the rhubarb. When I was a kid my mom used to grown rhubarb in her garden and the only way we would eat it is if it had a shit load of sugar added to it. Rhubarb is actually high in antioxidants and is a great source of fiber, it helps increase bowel mobility and relieves constipation. For those of you that suffer from constipation you may want to think about freezing spring rhubarb in order to use it in your all winter long to make sure those bowels keep on moving.

The tartness from the rhubarb, the sweetness from the berries, the je ne said quoi from the elderflower liquor makes this gluten free, grain free (if you don’t use cornstarch), dairy free deliciousness a staple for all. The best part about this gluten free rhubarb and elderflower crumble is that it only has 1 tablespoon of added sugar in the form of maple syrup. You can add dates but just one date equals the amount of sugar that 1 tablespoon of maple syrup would, so just be careful with what form of sugar you add if you want to keep this actually healthy for you.
You can freeze it for later and it’s great on chia pudding!