Why Choose Me?

Uhhhh, cause I am awesome and I wear hoop earrings even when I fish!
No but really, I am a little different than other personal Chefs in that I do not have set menu's or prices for any of my services. I believe in eating as local and seasonal as possible, so how could I possibly make a pre set menu when I do not even know what is ready at the farmer's market or what my local grocery store has to offer.
I take the time to visit the farms that I buy my produce and meat from and work on building relationships with the farmers. I only buy organic and grass fed/grass finished meats where I have visited the farms myself to ensure quality and be sure that the animals are treated humanely. 
Each client is unique and special and they are given my full attention when figuring out their needs. I take the time to observe their lifestyles and how I can make their lives a little simpler by nourishing them with my whole food creations. 


Catering Your Next Event

There is nothing better than walking into a kitchen and smelling delicious whole foods cooking. Actually, what is even better is that you do not have to cook it yourself or clean up. 

Let me relieve your stress or just give you more time to do the things you would like to do and allow me to cook your next party, family gathering or business dinner.

I can do anything from 3-5 course fine dinning events, buffet dinners and cocktail parties. I can also come to your home on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis and cook you fresh whole foods meals for the week or fill your freezer with delicious whole foods. 

Personal Chef Services 

As a Holistic Nutritionist I have the advantage of being able to prepare nutrient dense, whole food meals for specific health conditions.
If you are going through chemotherapy or you suffer from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or have digestive issues such as celiac; I can prepare weekly or biweekly meals that encourage healing and help bring the body back to balance.
Many people want their families to eat a balanced diet but they do not have time, that is why I am here as well. Imagine you and your family coming home to a fridge filled with fresh whole food meals for the week? Awesome right? 

You can also hire me and take me on your next vacation, many clients hire me to cook their food while on vacation to have more time with their families, to cater to a specific allergy that they may have and to eat healthier. It's actually quite cost effective!



Nutritional Consultations

Feel like getting to the root of your problem? Let's do it.
I specialize in bringing balance back to the body from ailments such as; type 2 diabetes, blood sugar imbalance, brain atrophy (dementia, Alzheimers), unwanted weight gain, inflammation, hormonal imbalance and gut imbalance. I implement many current therapies into my practice, such as intermittent fasting, low carb diets, a general whole food diet that focuses on eating less sugar, theraputic ketogenic diet, Bredesen's Protocol (Recode), sauna therapy and more. If you have tried many things that have failed you and you are ready to get to the root of the problem, I am here to help. Only you can choose to change your ways, only you can choose when you are ready to make your health a priority and only you can decide when that is going to happen.
I offer 1  hour Skype, phone and in person consultations. My available days change weekly but I set aside two days a week to tend to my consultation clients.


Whole Food Speaker

Businesses these days are wanting to take care of their staff with a more preventative approach rather than just giving them extended medical services. The bottom line is this, if you do not have a team that is healthy in their minds and bodies then you are not getting the best work out of your team. The best way to motivate and encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle is to educate them on the why's and the how's. Allow me to come into your space and educate you and your team on how including more whole foods in your diet can increase energy, remove the brain fog and actually motivate you to come up with new ideas or just have a happier mind at work.

The most successful businesses have a team that are balanced in their personal life and work life and that encourage their staff to take time for themselves and be healthy. Allow me to show them how they can achieve that balance and regain vitality!

Contact me for availability and pricing or any questions you may have. 

Here is what my personal chef clients are saying!

“Okay so well done! So far Jake loves the egg bites, the bread he was open to and ate half a piece, soup yes, bean salad he said smells pretty good and then he shrugged and said it’s good lol! Egg bites and bread he said they smell not good but taste great. Joe of course was excited and loved it all. Oh and the omega 3 oil Jake said he loved and wanted more. It’s all amazing to me and Ehren too. Oh he loved ranch dip too. You are a gift, thank you!!! Oh and the elixir is soooo yummy, I love cinnamon in my coffee so it’s great.”
— Emily Madill
I had to write to say what a spectacular, gastronomic experience you provided us with last night! The food, the presentation and the care you showed in your work created an evening that was beyond a doubt, one of the best evenings I have had. Your commitment to providing excellent service and world-class meals is something I have already shared with many friends.
Thanks to you, It was an evening that will stand out in my mind for years to come. As a result Christina, I am hooked - and I would very much love for you to cook for us again...soon! I really enjoyed your demeanor, your personality, your sense of humor and your passion for good food.
— Benjamin Werbski
Somehow you knew that if I did not eat something with spice and with heat soon I would go crazy! Thank you for the beautiful chilli, salsa verde and avocado. It was easy to prepare after a long journey, comforting and most of all so satisfying.
I am also grateful for my food today….Lentil soup for breakfast with a tasty turkey patty, fresh apple for work break, and squash soup for lunch.
Thank you very much for what you do.
— Chanone Smith
Christina infuses joy, enthusiasm and love into everything she cooks. She is a ray of sunshine in your kitchen!
— Pam Janzen

Here is what my CSNN (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) students are saying!

Let me begin by simply saying thank you. Thank you so much for the incredibly inspiring class that I had the honour of attending this weekend. I want you to know that I came out of that class with so much more than I could have even expected. In fact, I feel like I owe you money! The truth is, I expected an average cooking class. I expected to learn how to make soup, and salad, and all the rest of it. What I did not expect was to come out inspired, re-energized, and passionate about the dwindling world of the home cooked meal; the very same home cooked meals that I as a future holistic nutritionist will be educating my clients on.
The fact is this: You would NEVER take swimming lessons from the person drowning in the shallow end with the water wings on, and our clients should never be asked to take nutrition advice from someone who has never had to participate in a whole foods cooking class.
— Bonnie Heine
Wow! I’m still “glowing” from yesterday’s class! Thank you so much for your time, knowledge, and enthusiasm. It really is clear that you both have found your passion and I’m just so excited that I get to learn from you. I can’t wait to make all the recipes we talked about, clean out my kitchen, start saving for a Vitamix, buy a real knife and new pans J. Ha. . . my husband said he needs to get a second job! Haha.
— Jessica Hinton
Just wanted to send an email to thank you for leading such an amazing and empowering cooking workshop. I honestly feel so bad for those who missed out on this amazing opportunity to learn from you two. I came away from this workshop SO f$&@ing inspired and confident that this is truly what I’m supposed to do with my life. You two confirmed why I’m so passionate about this and going to be in it for the long haul. To educate the world on what health really is and how people have the power over their own health IF THEY JUST PICK UP THE KNIFE.
I just want to scream this from the rooftops. The feeling of community and love in that kitchen was remarkable and I’m so thankful I was able to be apart of it and learn from you two. Thank you for teaching me knife skills. What a difference it has made in my life already. Our careers revolve around food and a large part of that is knowing how to prep it and cook it. I appreciate you both so much for sharing your tips and tricks around a whole foods kitchen. I could sit and listen to you guys forever! This workshop was priceless and I’m so thankful for you guys taking the time to educate us new bright eyed bushy tailed students. I can only imagine they feel the same way I do.
— Kearstin Spiers